How we repair an iPad mini with faulty home button

A random one today, we show you briefly how it’s done.

First; partial disassembly. (Note touch screen was not cracked in this repair so careful removal for re-fitting is essential)


You can see the home button bonded to the back of the touch screen here


Home button detached and we spotted the usual fault


Peeling back the flex we can see how it’s soldered to the touchscreen’s circuit


We desolder the home button flex from the touchscreen’s circuit.


This work requires very good eyesight, if you have it you might spot the difference between the old (top) flex and the new flex below it. The physical difference is the fault on this occasion, not an electronic defect.


New button flex aligned and micro soldered on to the touchscreen circuit, if you click on the image you can see the two gold alignment traces for precise joints. Last but not least, clean off flux residue


Pre-assembly testing,  waking the lock screen


And finally;  vacuum re-sealed and fully reassembled.  Money saved.


So a car ran over your iPad? Challenge accepted

We rarely get time to archive all the challenging projects our customers entrust us with but it’s about time we started sharing some of our work with you! Focusing on iPads. We want to make sure everyone knows that as long as your iPad has life in it; it doesn’t matter how badly beat up, dented, bent or ugly it looks, WE WILL REPAIR IT for MUCH less than it costs to have it exchanged for a refurbished equivalent at Apple with a short warranty.

A good example of this would be Mrs Weir’s iPad which suffered catastrophic damage after it was run over by a car. Having saved hundreds of iPads in similar situations we knew this wouldn’t be a problem. As many components were badly damaged and the case bent beyond recovery (a rare obstacle for us!), we had to work out how to make the repair economical for our customer. After replacing all internal parts apart from the logic board the cost was slowly rising so to keep the project within budget we sourced a mint condition salvage original back cover to replace the twisted original.  Our customer was delighted and we took a few pics.


That was the ugly, now for the good!



99.9% of the time we will repair any serious aluminium case damage without replacing the expensive whole cover itself saving you lots of money. Years of experience with the correct jigs and tools have made this a craft skill we are proud of. Our finished standard is this: you cannot tell the device was repaired. If you can; it was not a professional repair. The major difference between cheap repairs and professional repairs.

So remember,  your iPad is ALWAYS repairable if it does any one of the following:

  • Screen completely smashed but still lights up/powers on
  • You can hear it’s usual sounds/notifications but the screen is black/distorted/white
  • When you connect the iPad to the computer it can be seen in iTunes (please allow 20+ minutes connected incase it needs to charge)

If in doubt, get in touch!


iPhone repairs Belfast

iPhone repairs Belfast by iServices™

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*12 Months warranty on all iPhone & iPad screen repairs!

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At iServices™ we specialise in affordable mobile phone and small consumer electronics repair for UK & Ireland. We are the only dedicated repair centre for Apple Mobile Devices in Northern Ireland with a fully fitted out professional electronics suite in Belfast.We have 10+ years experience in electronics and 7 years experience as an Apple Mobile Device Specialist repairing iPods and iPhones for many customers in Northern Ireland and mainland UK offering an affordable alternative.We have established close business relations with the factories that manufacture phone components and being a small business with low overheads we can offer repair solutions at extremely competitive prices!iServices ONLY use genuine parts in our repairs where available, hence our track record of unparalleled excellence and customer satisfaction with a customer base in the thousands. Accept nothing less! If you are offered smart phone repairs at suspiciously low prices remind yourself of the moto “If it’s too good to be true, IT MOST PROBABLY IS!”The risks of having cheap components installed in your smart phone include short life span, low performance touch sensitivity, ill fitting/appearance and the potential to cause failure to other components. We manage these issues regularly. If you do not have genuine parts installed your existing warranty will be VOID. Make sure you are having genuine OEM parts installed on your electronics.Trust iServices for professional repair solutions and advice.

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Here is a short list of services that we provide for all iPhone models and most other mobile phones, many of which can be performed immediately while you wait in the comfort of our lounge on-site or on the same day, we are a qualified and professional FULL time operation based in Belfast, a service unlike any other:
  • Touch screen replacement (broken screen, cracked screen, broken glass etc) from £29.99
  • LCD Screen replacement (lines or ‘bleeding’ appearing on the display) from £29.99
  • Faulty buttons repaired i.e Home button, volume button, silent button, sleep / wake button from £19.99
  • Charging / Sync problems from £19.99
  • Earpiece / Speaker faulty from £19.99
  • Mic / Microphone faulty from £19.99
  • Cosmetic Refurbishment including rear cover / housings / chrome bezel etc (different colour rear covers available for a more personal, customized look) from £39.99
  • iPhone 4 black to white conversions (unlike a lot of vendors who simply replace just the front and back, we do it right and replace every black component with a white one so it will look Apple original as you expect)
  • Latch connectors (Call for quote)
  • Soldering work (Call for quote)
  • Component replacement (Call for quote)
  • SIM Reader / SIM Contacts replacement (Call for quote)
  • WATER DAMAGE REPAIR/Recovery – we have a track record of success. From iPhones subject to washing machine cycles to full submersion in sea water!
  • Due to the greedy Apple unlock server prices We do not unlock iPhones any more sorry!

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